WrestleMania 2022

An all-around wild Night 1 of WrestleMania hit altogether new stuff in the last fragment of the show when Steve Austin’s appearance on Kevin Owens’ “KO Show” transformed into an off-the-cuff No Holds Barred match. The match was a fan-accommodating capper for the pressed horde of in excess of 70,000 fans at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Austin and Owens fought in and around the ring prior to heading through the group, exploiting the absence of rules and a genuinely restricted Austin. The last result was a decent one, with Austin putting Owens down for good with a shocker prior to celebrating what is logical his last match ever before his kindred Texans.

CBS Sports was with you the entire way through the occasion,

giving updates and features as the activity went down in the live blog underneath.
WWE WrestleMania 38 outcomes, grades for Night 1
SmackDown Tag Team Championship – – The Usos (c) versus Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs: Nakamura got things going to begin the match yet The Usos immediately turned the table and were secluded the previous intercontinental hero away from Boogs.

Nakamura had the option to get the hot tag to Boogs, who immediately took out both Jimmy and Jey prior to hitting a major deferred suplex on Jimmy Uso for the main genuine close to fall of the match. Boogs endeavored to set both Usos up in a fire fighter’s convey yet his knee gave out. This gave The Usos energy and Jimmy Uso almost scored the success with a Uso Splash on Nakamura.

Boogs always avoided the match, and WWE later reported Boogs had experienced a torn quad-patellar ligament.

The Usos before long scored success in the wake of hitting their form of the 3D. Sad stuff with the injury and it made the finish of the match fall together strangely and in a surged style. As indicated by the declaration, Boogs will have a medical procedure before long to fix the injury. The Usos (c) def. Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs through pinfall to hold the titles. Grade: C-

Drew McIntyre versus Blissful Corbin: After a short fight fragment to begin the match, Corbin dominated and hit McIntyre with a vertical suplex followed by a back suplex. McIntyre kept on eating punches from Corbin before Madcap Moss endeavored to celebrate with Corbin, causing enough of an inadvertent interruption that McIntyre began his rebound with a spinebuster.

Corbin had the option to remove the rebound decently fast when he scored a close to tumbling off a Deep Six.

Force kept on swinging before McIntyre set up for the Claymore just for Moss to pull Corbin from the ring for the save. McIntyre would miss with a Claymore and fall directly into End of Days however McIntyre kicked out at two. A stunned Corbin would eat a Claymore minutes after the fact, giving McIntyre the success.

A fun midcard coordinate with some strong force swings and a decent bogus polish off the End of Days. The right sort of WrestleMania mid-card activity. After the match, McIntyre endeavored to slice Moss with his sword however simply figured out how to slice through the two top ropes. Drew McIntyre def. Blissful Corbin through pinfall. Grade: B

The Mysterious versus The Miz and Logan Paul:

Paul flaunted some great physicality right off the bat, jumping Rey Mysterio on various occasions prior to hitting a split mid-ring. That simply got Paul kicked in the head, notwithstanding, and he had to tag out to Miz. Paul kept on flaunting a few noteworthy actions, incorporating boring Dominik Mysterio with a running power slam and a blockbuster.

While Miz and Paul utilized a few modest strategies to keep control, the Mysterios continued retaliating, utilizing an assortment of DDTs and speed-based moves to keep on retaliating. In a snapshot of modest heel heat, Paul hit Rey with the Three Amigos and a frog sprinkle with an Eddie Guerrero shimmy.

The Guerreros answered by hitting Paul with a couple of 619 yet they missed a visually impaired tag by the Miz,

who had the option to slip into the ring and hit a Skull-Crushing Finale on Rey to get the success.. Obviously, a big name match at WrestleMania was a tomfoolery ride. Paul being a youthful, athletic entertainer unquestionably hurt nothing. The Miz and Logan Paul def. The Mysteries by means of pinfall. Grade: B

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